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Ramona Flowers Cosplay

Ramona Victoria "Rammy" Flowers is an American expatriate who lived in New York and now works as a "Ninja delivery girl" for Amazon.ca in Canada. She is 24 years old and Scott's main love interest. She reveals very little and is very guarded about her past in New York before she moved to Toronto. She is capable of traveling through Subspace and has seven evil exes who challenge Scott for her affection. When fighting, she typically uses an over sized mallet as her weapon, which she can retrieve from her purse through the use of subspace. She changes her hairstyle frequently and becomes anxious when Gideon is mentioned or brought up. Due to her power over Subspace travel thanks to the Glow, her head begins to glow when she is upset or jealous, though she herself is unaware of this until Kim Pine brings attention to it in Volume 5. Ramona now owns Scott's old sword, the "Power of Love".

Source from Wikipeida

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Cat 01-18 23:36
I was wondering if you had any wigs in the tealish color of her hair in the picture that the costume is based on

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 01-19 20:44