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Tenma Tsukamoto Cosplay

Short and fairly childish for her age, Tenma often is mistaken as being younger than her classmates and her younger sister Yakumo.She does not believe herself to be very pretty in the eyes of boys, even though most of them admit that she's cute. She strives to be seen as a woman and attempts to learn cooking to impress Karasuma. One of her distinctive physical features are the little pigtails in her hair, which often wiggle if she is happy, excited and sometimes shocked. They also sag down if she is disappointed or sad. She is also slow and unreliable; she often misunderstands obvious situations. 

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Tenma Tsukamoto Cosplay Accessory

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Tenma Tsukamoto Cosplay Shoes

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Tenma Tsukamoto Cosplay Wig

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Tenma Tsukamoto Cosplay Costume

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