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Mina Majikina Cosplay

She is blessed since birth with powerful spiritual energy and was sent away from her home to train in the art of exorcising demons. Her village revered her as a kaminchu (goddess) but also shunned her as they were in fear of her powers. As a result of her isolation, Mina is unable to express emotions. One day, she departs her village to destroy an ayakashi (a certain kind of yokai). Upon her victory, she senses a powerful and evil force in her village but returns to see everything in ruins and all the inhabitants dead. In the wreckage, she finds a seemingly harmless being named Chample to whom she grew to endear. Taking her new friend in her arms, she is determined to eliminate as many demons as possible, starting with Gaoh. However, she eventually comes to the conclusion that Chample is the demon that destroyed her village when he transforms to his true form and attacks a by-stander. In her ending, she kills Chample to avenge the villagers; it's then implied that she commits suicide afterwards.

Source from Wikipeida

powerful, spiritual

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