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Hades (Saint Seiya) Cosplay

The god who rules the Underworld, and Athena's true enemy. Aided by the fearsome Hypnos and Thanatos, his closest subordinates. Both Hades and Athena have engaged each other in a long standing conflict for domination of Earth, that spans across millennia, sparking bloody Holy Wars in the ages of myth, the 15th, 18th and 20th centuries. Hades, whose beautiful body is the spawn of the union between Cronus and Rhea, was subjected to a traumatic experience in the ages of myth, when he was gravely wounded by Pegasus Seiya's incarnation in that era. Thus, Hades decided to put his true body to rest in the unreachable Elysion, until his dominion over Earth is secured. To be able to incarnate, Hades then chose the body of the purest human in the era of his return, as a host for his divine soul, being Alone his chosen vessel during his incarnation in 1747, and Andromeda Shun in 1990. The god of the Underworld was defeated by Athena and her Saints in each of his incarnations, at the high cost of the Saints' lives and havoc over the land.

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