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Suigintou Cosplay

Suigintou is the first of the Rozen Maiden collection. Her desire to win the Alice Game is the strongest of all the dolls, and is primarily driven by her wish to gain the attention of their "Father", the fantastic dollmaker Rozen. Sadistic, spiteful, and arrogant (all due to her spectacular Superiority complex), Suigintou has no inhibitions when it comes to the Alice Game. She will use any method available to her, regardless of how brutal it may be, to reach victory. Although she avoids socializing with all of her sister dolls, she has a particularly bitter hatred for Shinku. 

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first , unique traits , flaws

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Suigintou Cosplay Shoes

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Suigintou Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Suigintou Cosplay Costume

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inner dress black dress head wear neck wear
polyester and satin costume

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