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Souseiseki Cosplay

The fourth doll of the Rozen Maiden collection and Suiseiseki's twin, Souseiseki possesses a sharpness in her speech that is similar to Shinku's, attacks ruthlessly in combat, and does not tolerate sub-par actions. She is also quite stubborn and very devoted to her masters. Her appearance is not only the most masculine of the dolls, but her speech is also noted to be of the masculine form, using the first person pronoun "boku" instead of gender neutral pronouns like "jibun" or "watashi." 

Source from Wikipeida

sharpness, stubborn, devoted

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Souseiseki Cosplay Accessory

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PE and PVC toys

Souseiseki Cosplay Shoes

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artificial leather shoes

Souseiseki Cosplay Wig

US$ 63.22 US$ 37.93
kanekalon fiber wig

Souseiseki Cosplay Costume

US$ 166.40 US$ 89.86
shirt jacket shawl pants hat
corduroy costume

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