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Shinku Cosplay

Shinku is the fifth Rozen Maiden doll and the first to appear in the series. Her name, in addition to its Japanese meaning, could be also a play on the Japanese pronunciation of the word "cinq" (French for "five"). She embodies the traditional Victorian aristocrat. She is extremely demanding and can seem unappreciative of others. Her favorite words are "tea", "servant" and "What?" She seems to enjoy lecturing, slapping, and generally abusing Jun, her medium, at every opportunity. reminding others that she and the other Maidens are 'ladies'. Shinku is also perceived as being cool and angry, but she is actually very protective of, and cares deeply for, her sisters and for Jun. Shinku's presence at the Sakurada home has led to other Rozen Maidens appearing there. She hates cats because one almost swallowed her wind-up key in the past.

Source from Wikipeida

victorian, aristocrat, cool

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