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Kirakishou Cosplay

The true seventh Rozen Maiden doll. Both her hair and her ornately ruffled dress are white, as indicated by Shinku's description of her in volume 6 of the manga, and by the remodeled version of the original manga. However, she has been shown with a pale pink dress (anime), pale pink hair , or both . Kirakishou's right eye is missing. In the anime, a layer of tissue covers the right eye socket and a single white rose grows from it, but in the manga.

Source from Wikipeida

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Kirakishou Cosplay Wig

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Kirakishou Cosplay Costume

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Today I received my order ! Everything is OK and the wigs that I ordered are very nice and beautiful ! Thank you very much for your excellent collaboration and it will be a real pleasure to colaborate with you in the next future !

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