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Hinaichigo Cosplay

The sixth doll, and the very embodiment of childishness. Although she can be ridiculously naïve and selfish, she has nothing but the best intentions for those that she cares about. Her disposition is also a mismatch for her power, which is a series of attacks based on strawberry vines, which she mostly uses to restrain opponents and can also tell her what is happening. She loses to Shinku in the Alice Game, becoming the first doll to lose the right to become Alice. Shinku does not beat Hinaichigo outright; the younger doll simply exhausted the energy of her medium, Tomoe, and she becomes, in Shinku's opinion, another servant. 

Source from Wikipeida

sixth, childishness, naïve, selfish

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Hello! I received the costume two weeks ago. It´s amazing. Ten thousend thanks to you! ^o^ Hope to deal with you again soon! I´m recommed you to my friends as well. Well done!

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