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Barasuishou Cosplay

Barasuishou is a doll created by Enju, Rozen's apprentice. She introduces herself as the seventh Rozen Maiden doll, though this is a lie; she simply intends to dupe the other six Rozen Maidens into entering the Alice Game so that she may obtain their Rosae Mysticae and become the strongest doll. She is clad entirely in lavender and wears an eyepatch over her left eye, though she is revealed to not be missing an eye at all. In the first and last episodes of Rozen Maiden träumend, she taunts Shinku by repeating whatever Shinku says to her.

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doll, strong, incommunicative

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Lincey  2013-10-07
Hello there Cosplayfu!!! I promised to send a picture of my cosplay that I bought from your site! It was such a succes! Everyone loved it! Also people loved my costume, I am even in a cosplayvideo! Watch: 0:26 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDqp9_TKu5A&list=PLzrDHjqEERnGOrruOKtPVDDjmxVM--eJX&index=10
Lincey  2013-06-27
I recieved this costume. I am really happy with it. It doesnt have a bellshape around the legs, but that doesnt matter. The material is really good, and the quality aswell. Only the blue rose could have done better and I need to replace that one. The color of the dress is indeed purple with pink. Its beautiful. Thank for the good service Cosplayfu!

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