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Aono Tsukune Cosplay

Tsukune Aono
Main male protagonist. A completely average human being, he is mistakenly enrolled in an academy for youkai. He soon meets Moka Akashiya, a Vampire who takes an interest in him due to the 'sweet' taste of his blood. Afraid for his life and ready to leave the school, it is only his feelings for Moka that get him to continue attending the youkai academy. Though he has no special powers of his own, he constantly attempts to protect his friends with his own life.

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Aono Tsukune Cosplay Accessory

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PE and PVC toys

Aono Tsukune Cosplay Shoes

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artificial leather shoes

Aono Tsukune Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Aono Tsukune Cosplay Costume

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top tie coat pants
polyester costume

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