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2 Sets of Akashiya Moka Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Akashiya Moka Cosplay

Moka's natural good looks get the attention of all the males in Yokai Academy. Though good natured, she possesses a bit of naivety that draws her into problematic situations. While initially distrustful of humans, she eventually grows to care for the only human on campus, Tsukune Aono. Her bond with him grows stronger over time, to the point where he begins allowing her to ingest his blood without protest, just so she remains healthy.

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Cheerful, positive

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Akashiya Moka Cosplay Accessory

US$ 25.00 US$ 15
metal necklace

Akashiya Moka Cosplay Shoes

US$ 122.95 US$ 73.77
artificial leather shoes

Akashiya Moka Cosplay Wig

US$ 88.07 US$ 52.84
heat resisting fiber wig

Akashiya Moka Cosplay Costume

US$ 217.13 US$ 117.26
dress arm accessories wing
satin costume

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Customer Testimonials

Niko  2013-02-08
It's soo perf (~ ^-^)~ I just got it in the mail and I'm SOOO happy with it.
Yuki  2013-01-14
Dear cosplayfu.com- Team ! Thank you so much vor The beautifull And awsome wig :) But The tails only 100cm >_< I send cosplay photos from me. But i have only The wig. Thank you so much Lovely greeds Yuki ojamaki :) (I come from Austria) My wig is Miku Hatsune (HML) from VOCALOID

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