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Kanbe Kotori Cosplay

Kotori is one of heroines of Rewrite and attends the same school as Kotarou. She is skilled at gardening and is able to sense supernatural things. She has a hyper personality, has been good friends with Kotarou since childhood, and does not have very many other friends. She has an extremely strong pet dog named Chibi-Moth that says "mosu mosu" as opposed to barking. In the past, Kotori used to have a formerly abused dog named Pero who had been badly mistreated, so he was unable to trust any human, including Kotori. She is a Druid and has made a commission with a plant familiar that maintains the planet's memories of humankind. Her parents die from a previous car accident, but Kotori turns them into familiars. In the past, Kotarou once confessed his feelings to her, but she rejected him.

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