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Ashley Graham is the new U.S. President's daughter in Resident Evil 4. A college student living in Massachusetts, Ashley is abducted by a mysterious cult while attempting to return home. She is taken to an undisclosed part of Europe and held captive in a village inhabited by humans infected by mind-controlling parasites. The cult's leader, Osmund Saddler, plans to infect her with Las Plagas, to carry out the cult's secret agenda. She is rescued by Kennedy, and works alongside him to thwart the cult's plans and escape. In addition to being able to receive commands and perform simple tasks, Ashley briefly becomes a playable character for a portion of the game.
GameDaily listed Ashley Graham as part of its "Babe of the Week: Hottest Blondes" feature, adding that they would give her the "pain in the neck" award. In 2008, Cracked listed her as one of the 15 most annoying video game characters, commenting that developers need to realize that no one likes to defend the weak and defenseless in video games, but PC Games Hardware included her among the 112 most important female characters in games. That same year, GamesRadar used her as an example of the "pure-hearted love interest", stating that this kind of character lacks personality, and also listed her as one of the top seven most irritating video game characters, stating that while she is not completely useless, she is not very resourceful

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