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Honami Takase Ambler Cosplay

Honami is the granddaughter of one of Astral's founders, Hazel Ambler, and is a childhood friend of Itsuki. She was present when Itsuki's Glam Sight was tainted and feels a deep sense of guilt over the incident. With her prodigious talent, the assistance of Fin Cruder and a strong desire to master her art she managed to revive the lost art of the Druids in two short years. She competed for top seat of the "School" in England with another child prodigy and Goetia's current Master, Adelicia Lenn Mathers. Honami speaks in Kansai dialect.

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Honami Takase Ambler Cosplay Accessory

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Honami Takase Ambler Cosplay Shoes

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Honami Takase Ambler Cosplay Wig

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Honami Takase Ambler Cosplay Costume

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