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Nobuchika Ginoza Cosplay

A veteran Inspector working with Akane. He coordinates all the Enforcers in Unit One. An old friend of Shinya's, his hatred for those with high Crime Coefficients and his zeal to oust them from society came from the inability to stop his former partner from becoming a latent criminal. Although he still holds a certain degree of trust with Shinya, he dislikes Shinya's Enforcer partner Masaoka. It is later revealed the Masaoka is Ginoza's father. His father's demotion to Enforcer caused Ginoza constantly tells Akane to draw a line between herself and the Enforcers she works with. In the epilogue, Ginoza's Crime Coefficient rose too high and he was demoted to an Enforcer, mirroring the fates of Masaoka and Kogami.

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