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Tezuka Kunimitsu Cosplay

He is the national-level captain of the Seigaku tennis team. His play style is all-rounder and his special shots include the "No-touch-ace Serve", which is a powerful serve with heavy topspin, making it difficult to return; "Tezuka Zone", which, using his exceptional racket control to put spin on the ball, allows all shots to return to Tezuka no matter where the opponent tries to hit; and the "Zero-Shiki (Degree) Drop Shot", which is a drop shot with a heavy backspin, which can make the ball roll towards the net rather than bouncing towards the opposing player. He was later able to adapt his Drop Shot into a serve.Tezuka is noted for being rather distant during practices, and also never smiling. However, he does truly care about his team and always tries to elevate their tennis to the next level. At the nationals in the match with Sanada of Rikkai, Tezuka uses another special technique called "Tezuka Phantom".

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all-rounder, distant, care

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