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Lala Manaka Cosplay

She is a bright and cheerful fifth-grade elementary student with an exceptionally loud voice, which she apparently inherited from her mother. She sings very softly in compensation for her loudness. Her catchphrase is "Kashikoma!" (かしこまっ!?) which roughly translates to "All right!" or "Capisce!" During her first performance in PriPara, Kuma comments that Lala has the "legendary Prism Voice". Her preferred brand is Twinkle Ribbon, a Lovely type brand. Normally, outside of PriPara, Lala is shown to have shorter hair styled into two buns. However, after undergoing her PriPara change, her hair becomes longer and is instead styled in pigtails. She also becomes taller after her change, as opposed to her "normal" self - whom of which retains the appearance of a 10-year old. She greatly looks up to Sophie, aspiring to reach the same idol rank as her and determined to catch up to her someday.

Source from Wikipeida

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