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James Cosplay

A recurring trio of bumbling (for the first three series) thieves who constantly follow Ash Ketchum around in order to capture his Pikachu, which they consider exceptionally strong. While they are usually antagonistic towards Ash and his friends, they have shown that they are good-hearted at times and willing to put their differences aside when it is beneficial and then fail at an attempt to steal Pikachu. They are shown to have set up the first Team Rocket base in the Sinnoh region. Starting with the Best Wishes! series, the trio has been more serious about their jobs and have accomplished many missions.

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Brianna  2015-02-20
I cosplayed as my Team Rocket Grunt oc(Orginal Character) Kronos. The pants pockets puffed out, but overall the cosplay itself was amazing. Thank You so much!

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