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Pippi Cosplay

Pippi is portrayed as being a friendly and kind and naughty girl, but one possessing no "proper" manners and having no training or experience in the way one behaves in normal society, which is to say any society other than the very freewheeling and non-regimented one aboard her father's ship. Due to leading a life at sea, Pippi has received a very limited conventional education. This is balanced by the fact that she seems to have a wide range of competency in housekeeping skills; she demonstrates that she is able to cook for herself, clean and repair her house, keep her pets cared for, and otherwise manage her affairs despite her illiteracy and lack of mathematical knowledge. Her behavior is highly exasperating to many adults, but she enjoys sharing recollections of her memories of sailing across the world. Pippi tends to tell many "tall tales" about her travels but appears to do so for the purpose of entertainment and will admit to her untruths when questioned. Otherwise she seems trustworthy and loyal to her friends.

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