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Okita Soji Cosplay

The first unit captain of the Shinsengumi. He is deceptively delicate-looking and has an overall sunny disposition that occasionally borders on childishness, but displays frighteningly deadly skill in combat situations. He shares a strong bond with Hijikata and is also one of the only people who has a deep understanding of Tetsu. He takes Tetsu seriously and often practices with him. In addition, Souji loves children and is rarely seen without his piglet Saizo when he is off-duty. Souji is later diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Source from Wikipeida

delicate-looking, childish

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Okita Soji Cosplay Accessory

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Okita Soji Cosplay Accessory ( 1 )

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Okita Soji Cosplay Wig

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Okita Soji Cosplay Costume

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