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5 Sets of Panty Anarchy Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Panty Anarchy Cosplay

The older of the Anarchy sisters, Panty is portrayed as a sexy celebrity blonde. She is always looking for men to sleep with, although her low standards and impulsive choices can lead to her dissatisfaction after the act. Panty does not take her Ghost-hunting duties as seriously as Stocking, instead preferring to fulfill her personal goal of having sex with one thousand men on Earth before she returns to Heaven. Panty is rude and aggressive, likes spicy food, hates sugar, and shows fondness for living a celebrity lifestyle, especially when it gets her closer to the men she craves. 

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rude, aggressive

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Panty Anarchy Cosplay Shoes

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Panty Anarchy Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Panty Anarchy Cosplay Costume

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dress hat stockings
polyester costume

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Customer Testimonials

Marie  2015-01-25
And it was fantastic, the details were great, it was comfortable and I got a lot of compliments. Thanks for the great cosplay!
Dianne  2013-08-06
hello CosplayFu! i would just like to thank you for the fast shipping of my cosplay,, I used this cosplay at the first Middle East Film and Comis Con and i won the best female category! hehe.. :3 i will be ordering again from you soon! lotsa love! (btw, i'm always reommending this site to my cosplay friends

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