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Leo Baskerville Cosplay

A boy with dark messy hair and round glasses. He is a student at Lutwidge and serves Eliot. He has a calm and collected demeanor and is hardly rattled by anything. Leo is very observant and discovered Oz's identity as an intruder. Despite being Elliot's servant, he doesn't always take his side and will make him apologize if needed. Also, Leo could hit Eliot if he's doing or saying something wrong to his eyes. He is rarely seen without Eliot. Leo carries a gun and is apparently hopeless with it and swords, according to Elliot. In chapter 49 Eliot witnesses a friendly little chat between Leo and Isla Yura, wondering how they are related. Leo thinks Isla Yura is the culprit of the deaths of six children of the orphanage and the one who made Phillipe forget about his fathers's death; being this the first time we get to see him acting saddened, angry and restless.

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Tina  2013-02-19
i love the cosplay!It was amazing! thank you soooooo much!

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