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Gilbert Nightray (Raven) Cosplay

Age:24, Height:180cm
Hair Color: Black, Eye Color: Gold
Oz's best friend and loyal servant. To him, Oz is his most precious person, and he is willing to sacrifice anything for him. He was taken into the Vessalius family after being discovered in an injured state 15 years ago. He was invited by Oz to attend the coming of age ceremony as his friend. During the ceremony, he was controlled by a chain in the Baskerville's possession and forced to attack Oz. After regaining consciousness, Gilbert tries to stop one of the Baskervilles. He ends up seeing his face, who is later revealed to be Oz's father, and protects him when Oz tries to slash at him. This causes Oz to cut Gilbert instead. After he was hit, Gilbert passed out.

Source from Wikipeida

loyal, cook, gun

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