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Elliot Nightray Cosplay

A student at Lutwidge that, along with Reo, catches Oz's attention as they can play the tune from his pocket watch. He first meets Oz in the Latowidge library where they get into a fight over a character in the novel series "Holy Knight" (Elliot spoils the ending for Oz's favorite character, Edgar). He also doesn't like Ada calling his name and despises how the Vessalius seem to get away with anything just because they were heroes 100 years ago. Ada, however, thinks he is a nice and dependable person deep down. He is the legitimate heir of the Nightray Dukedom and consequently the brother of the adopted Vincent and Gilbert. He is adept with the sword and keeps a blade with his family crest in a violin case. Elliot has a strong sense of right and wrong and tends to say things without consideration to the other party. It is through this straightforwardness, however, that Oz finally overcomes the shadows of his past. He has said that the tune he and Leo were playing was composed by him and is called "Lacie", implying a strong connection between him and Glen Baskerville. He is also shown to suffer from nightmares, which later on in Chapter 39 is implied that Eliot possesses some of Glen's memories. Elliot meets Oz and co. at Sablier in chapter 34. He takes them into the Nightray's orphanage at Sablier, where Oz meets Phillipe. Elliot sticks up for Oz when Zai shows up.
After these events, Elliot hears about a mysterious killer known as the head hunter who in the past was targeting members of his family, also killing his brothers. Upon hearing that there was another murder committed by the same person, he attempts to find the killer himself.

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