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Masuzu Natsukawa Cosplay

Masuzu is Eita's "girlfriend". Masuzu is Eita's classmate who spent nine years overseas. She is considered to be the school beauty and is constantly confessed to by male students, but always shoots them down. However, just like Eita, she hates romance, and used Eita's notebook filled with embarrassing things to blackmail him to form a faux romantic relationship with her. When she isn't together with Eita, she is bold and cold; but when she is, she acts more evil and very devious, and loves to use words to trick him. Her family was in Sweden and also has complicated relationship especially with her father, what made her form her twisted personality. Like Chiwa, she is a terrible cook. Masuzu likes to quote scenes from the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and being Eita's official girlfriend, Chiwa, Himeka, and Ai often join forces against her when battling for him. In the past, Masuzu's father took her off from her mother to use her so the higher society would accept him. However, because of this, she had to act, and soon, she has since then suffered from an identity crisis.

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