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Franky Cosplay

Originally named Cutty Flam, he eventually starts calling himself Franky to hide his identity, gains infamy as "Cyborg" Franky, and becomes shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. Abandoned by his pirate parents on the Grand Line island Water 7 at the age of ten, Franky becomes an apprentice to the master shipwright Tom along with Iceburg, who later becomes the island's mayor. When Tom is taken away as a criminal by the World Government for building Gold Roger's ship, the Oro Jackson, Franky tries to stop them. In the process, he is severely injured and, to survive, rebuilds parts of his body using pieces of scrap metal, turning himself into a cola-powered cyborg with super-human strength. His dream is to build a ship, become its shipwright, and sail it to the end of the world. To that end, he builds the Thousand Sunny, a brigantine-rigged sloop-of-war, and joins the Straw Hat Pirates. 

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Franky Cosplay Accessory

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metal necklace

Franky Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Franky Cosplay Costume

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jumpsuit under wear
spandex and cotton costume

Franky Cosplay Costume ( 1 )

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polyester costume

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Customer Testimonials

John  2014-09-01
Here is my cosplay of Franky from One Piece that I commissioned which includes the bodysuit, shirt, speedo and the gold chain. The whole cosplay came out fantastic and all cosplay events I've worn this to everyone else enjoyed as well.

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