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Dracule Mihawk Cosplay

Dracule Mihawk is one of The Seven Warlords of the Sea and the strongest swordsman in the world.He is a pale skinned man who travels in a small boat that is shaped like a coffin.In battle he either wields a knife that he carries as a pendant around his neck and if he finds a worthy opponent he will use his black claymore, known as the world's strongest sword. He is also able to slice objects at a distance like Zoro can, which is called the world's strongest slash.Both weapons bear a resemblance to the Christian cross, a resemblance that was removed in the 4Kids dub by shortening their crossguards.

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Dracule Mihawk Cosplay Accessory

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Dracule Mihawk Cosplay Shoes

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Dracule Mihawk Cosplay Costume

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