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Velvet Cosplay

The fifth story, Fate, is that of Princess Velvet, one of the two uncursed survivors of the ruined Kingdom of Valentine, destroyed by an incident with the Crystallization Cauldron. She wields a Psypher chain with a crystal weight at each end. She is later revealed to be the illegitimate daughter of Valentine's princess, Ariel and Odin, making her Gwendolyn's half-sister. For this, she despises Odin, believing that her mother was seduced by him. Velvet's goal in her story is to piece together the prophecies and prevent Armageddon. She is in love with Cornelius despite her brother's protests. Her story concludes when her brother Ingway transforms himself into the Darkova, a cerberus-like creature, to kill King Odin. Defeating him is the fulfillment of the final prophecy to herald Armageddon.

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