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Rihan Nura Cosplay

Rihan is Nurarihyon's son and Rikuo's father. He is the Second Head of the Nura Clan. He is a half yōkai and the Nura Clan's power reached its peak under his leadership. Mostly because of his first wife, Yamabuki Otome encouraging him. Like Rikuo, Rihan had a choice when he was younger to either embrace his human side or his yōkai side. He chose to embrace his yōkai side which allowed him to use his yōkai powers at all times. However, he didn't want Rikuo to know about the yakuza aspect of the yōkai world and raised his son in such a way as to prevent him from learning of it.

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Rihan Nura Cosplay Accessory

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Rihan Nura Cosplay Wig

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Rihan Nura Cosplay Costume

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