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Stephanie Dola Cosplay

Referred to as "Steph" by Sora and Shiro, Stephanie is the granddaughter of the previous king of Elkia. She constantly defends her grandfather - nicknamed the "Fool King" by others - and hopes that one day his faith in the potential of humanity can be validated. She is quite beautiful and popular, which often prompts harassment from the siblings. After she loses a Rock-Paper-Scissors game to Sora, she is ordered by Sora to "fall in love" with him as a punishment, forcing her to become the siblings' underling with no choice but to comply with their demands. Steph is an excellent student and has achieved top grades at the nation's best school, despite her bad performance in games and her somewhat air-headed personality; a running gag is that Sora and Shiro are always completely taken by surprise whenever she shows even the slightest hints of being smart and capable of following the conversation.
Over time, Steph finds herself falling in love with Sora, but vehemently denies it and blames her feelings on the Rock-Paper-Scissors game loss, even though the effect seems to have expired long ago. As Jibril points out, she had been ordered to "fall in love," not "stay in love." Like her grandfather, Steph is prone to taking large risks in order to find her opponent's weakness, and is not very good at playing games. She sometimes challenges Sora when she finds a game she thinks she can win, but always ends up losing and getting forced to do something embarrassing. Yet as she continues to challenge the siblings, her skill in games and cheating begins to improve; while she is still no match for the siblings, she becomes capable of easily beating any human.

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