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Sora (No Game No Life) Cosplay

Despite being a NEET and a Shut in, Sora is extremely outgoing and confident, and is not afraid to play games with people face to face, even when they're cheating. He is also extremely manipulative, what he calls "negotiating skills". This fits into his play style, as Shiro is excellent at logic and computing, Sora can read people using a technique called "cold reading" and predict what their next move is, using the knowledge he quickly obtained to beat them. However, if he is separated from Shiro by so much as a closed door he becomes a spineless, cowardly wreck, and only returns to his former self if he is able to see or hear her. He views his sister as his equal and partner and even looking up to her, but is also protective of her, such as putting his body between her and the ground when he thought they were going to hit hard when first arriving in the world of Disboard.

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