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Izuna Hatsuse Cosplay

The young 8-year-old ambassador of the Werebeast race. She possesses the rare ability of Blood Destruction. She is instantly accepted and adored by Sora and Shiro, who are both extremely fond of petting her fur. Likewise, Izuna mentions once that she prefers the siblings over her grandfather, much to his frustration and their delight. Like Shiro, she also hates baths. She is still learning the Imanity language, and has a habit of saying "please" after everything in order to make it sound polite.
Initially, as the talented Werebeast representative, she had always felt extremely pressured to win every single game, fearing that failure would bring about the suffering and unhappiness of her people. As a result, she has never enjoyed any of the games she's played, until her match against Sora and Shiro. Though she lost the game, she had still given it her all, and - much to her amazement - she'd had fun playing for the very first time in her life. Her game against the siblings earns them both her friendship and allegiance.
After the Werebeasts are forced to join the Elkia Federation, Izuna becomes the siblings' underling under Miko's request. Steph has noted that Izuna shares many similarities with Sora and Shiro; she has a lack of common knowledge and holds an arrogance towards others, but she also possesses great intelligence and has a skilled competence in gaming.

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