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Chitoge Kirisaki Cosplay

The daughter of the leader of the Bee Hive Gangsters, Chitoge transfers from America to Raku's high school at the start of the series. She and Raku pretend to be in a relationship in order to prevent their families' factions from feuding. She is half-Japanese with long blonde hair that is tied with a ribbon. She is good at sports and academics, but clueless when it comes to cooking. Despite not getting along with Raku from the start, she makes an effort to find his lost pendant. Ten years before, Chitoge makes a promise with a boy; when she looks through her diary from that time, she stumbles upon a key that could potentially unlock Raku's locket. Later she develops feelings for Raku without realizing it, and tends to get jealous whenever other girls such as Marika try to get close to him.[ch. 35] During their Romeo and Juliet class play, she eventually realizes that she is genuinely in love with him. Her mother, Hana, is a powerful CEO in America.

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