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1 Sets of Senzou Tachibana Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Senzou Tachibana Cosplay

Sixth year i class. Age 15, Capricorn, blood type AB. President of the Etiquette Committee.First appeared in vollume 23 of the manga, and season 6 of the anime.A pale-skinned and often regarded as a handsome senior with long straight and silky hair. He leads the Saho committee along with Heidayu as his favorite junior. He has natural talents for explosive, bombs, grenades, often carrying dozens of them with him for convenient purpose. Being as normally a calm, rationally thinking senior, he is often described as an excellent student among the seniors. When carrying out solo missions, he often gets tagged along with Kisanta and Shinbei, who both look up to him, but instead of giving a good help, burdens him instead and gets him caught, bomb explodes in his face, trees fall down on him, etc. He has shorter temper for Kisanta and Shinbei harassing him in his missions.

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Senzou Tachibana Cosplay Accessory

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Senzou Tachibana Cosplay Shoes

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Senzou Tachibana Cosplay Wig

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Senzou Tachibana Cosplay Costume

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polyester costume

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