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3 Sets of Mari Illustrious Makinami Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Mari Illustrious Makinami Cosplay

She is the pilot of the Provisional Evangelion Unit-05 which differs from previous incarnations drastically featuring four mechanical "legs" that end in wheels and a lack of hands which have been replaced with a jousting lance and "claw". Because of its unique design, Mari pilots her Eva wearing a helmet-like contraption and her plugsuit is equipped with several attachments that connect to tubing that apparently help her in moving the Evangelion. Mari's designation amongst the other Children has yet to be revealed. She self destructs Unit-05 to defeat one of the Angels in the films opening but manages to escape unharmed. 

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I received my costume today and it fits perfectly! I ordered it in custom size and it's in my exact measurements! The quality is excellent and there were no sewing mistakes! Definitely buying again from this site! Thanks CosplayFU!

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