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Kaworu Nagisa Cosplay

 Nagisa  is the Fifth Child, and the seventeenth Angel, TabrisHe is sent to Nerv by Seele as a replacement pilot for Unit 02 after Asuka's synchronization ratio falls below viability; however, his true purpose is to hasten the Human Instrumentality Project's implementation. He breaks into Terminal Dogma to return to Adam and initiate the Third Impact, but upon discovering that the being there is actually Lilith, he implores Shinji to destroy him.

Source from Wikipeida

Fifth, seventeenth

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Kaworu Nagisa Cosplay Costume

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Alessandro Santoianni 02-28 04:52
Good afternoon I'm from Italy so I would like to know how much the shipping costs are if I'll buy this costume. Than you

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-28 07:28

Hello Alessandro Santoianni, we include free shipping worldwide, except Vietnam.   n_n

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