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Katsuragi Misato Cosplay

Misato Katsuragi  is the chief operations officer at Nerv. Kotono Mitsuishi voices her in Japanese, and Allison Keith in English. In the series, she initially holds the rank of Captain, with a later promotion to Major; in the first new movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion project, she holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and then Colonel in the second movie. She is the field commander for the Eva pilots, issuing orders and giving battle strategies as well as handling some bureaucratic matters. She is also Shinji and Asuka's guardian,letting them live in her apartment rather than have them live alone. While she is professional and diligent in her duties, she is a slob and a drunkard while off-duty. 

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chief , professional, diligent

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Naeda  2013-08-08
Got my costume not too long ago, i took xpress shipping because i needed it in less than a month and it came way before the date specified that's a plus the only thing is that if you're getting this costume you should definitely get a costum size.I ordered a female large and the top is a bit tight around the bust. One of y buttons fell off but that an easy fix. Good costume but I highly recommended getting a custom fit.

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