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Shino Aburame Cosplay

Shino Aburame is one of the members of Team 8 and is fascinated with insects; he spends his free time capturing and studying insects and often uses them as analogies during conversation.A deep connection with insects runs in Shino's family, as each person born in to the Aburame clan is infused with a special breed of insects known as "destruction bugs" during birth. In exchange for using Shino as a hive and feeding on his chakra, the bugs do as he commands. During a battle, Shino directs his bugs towards an opponent, boxing them in without their knowledge and absorbing their chakra once they have been surrounded. Shino's merciless tendencies, in regards to opponents as well as his attachment to insects, have caused other characters to label him as "creepy".

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merciless, creepy

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Shino Aburame Cosplay Accessory

US$ 32.37 US$ 19.42
polyester headband

Shino Aburame Cosplay Accessory ( 1 )

US$ 42.70 US$ 25.62
artificial leather bag

Shino Aburame Cosplay Accessory ( 2 )

US$ 8.33 US$ 5
cotton bandage

Shino Aburame Cosplay Shoes

US$ 48.33 US$ 29
cotton shoes

Shino Aburame Cosplay Wig

US$ 63.08 US$ 37.85
kanekalon fiber wig

Shino Aburame Cosplay Costume

US$ 129.23 US$ 69.79
coat pants
polyester costume

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