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2 Sets of Sasori Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Sasori Cosplay

Ring:Tama (Sphere)
Sasori is a former ninja of Sunagakure and known as "Sasori of the Red Sand". His parents died when he was young, leaving him in the care of his grandmother, Chiyo who taught Sasori the art of puppetry, which he refined to fit his needs over the years. Lacking the love of parents, Sasori left Sunagakure when he got older and joined Akatsuki where he is initially partnered with Orochimaru. After Orochimaru's defection Sasori teamed with Deidara, who looks to him and his artistic knowledge with reverence. In due time he devised a way to convert the corpses of humans into puppets, allowing him to use any of the ninja abilities they possessed during their life for himself. In time he even converted his own body into a puppet, which gives him eternal life and allows him to control hundreds of puppets at once. Each weapon in his puppets' extended arsenal is laced with a poison of Sasori's design that causes extreme pain to the inflicted until they die. Sakura Haruno is able to create an antidote for Sasori's poison, allowing her and Chiyo to fight him uninhibited.

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Sasori Cosplay Costume

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i love this things! they are just amazing
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The quality in this wig is amazing! I ordered one and it looks exactly as it does in the picture! Thank you so much cosplay fu :D

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