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Karin Cosplay

Karin, a former assistant to Orochimaru during his experimentation. Karin has red eyes, matching hair color and an unusual hairstyle; her hair is short and unkempt on one side, and long and combed on the other. She tends to fluctuate between two dynamic personalities, appearing tough and in control when Suigetsu or Jugo are present and highly flirtatious when she is alone with Sasuke. Karin has an unhealthy obsession with Sasuke; she goes so far as to keep one of his battered, sweat-drenched shirts for herself and plans to "ravage" him after the rest of the team has fallen asleep. Karin's special ability allows her to find and track specific individuals through chakra. She is able to do so over long distances and can even notice subtle changes in an individual's chakra.

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double personality, flirtatious, tough,

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