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3 Sets of Applejack Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Applejack Cosplay

Applejack is a light orange earth pony (a horse with neither wings nor a horn) with green eyes, three freckles in each of her cheek and a tied-up blonde mane and tail. Her cutie mark is three red apples. She speaks with a Southern American accent. Applejack is very kind, helpful and reliable, but tends to act stubbornly and lets her pride and her sense of tradition get the better of her. She wears a brown cowboy hat and is the only one of the six main characters who keeps her mane and tail tied back instead of letting them fall loose. Applejack comes from a large family of ponies with apple-related names, spread all over Equestria, who oversee apple orchards and run a group of businesses that sell apples and products made from them. She works in her farm, called Sweet Apple Acres, where she lives with her younger sister Apple Bloom, older brother Big McIntosh and grandmother Granny Smith. Applejack is very hard-working and has demonstrated her strength and dexterity on many occasions, and she is also very skilled with a lasso. She represents the Element of Honesty. She has a pet Border Collie named Winona.

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brad  2015-01-06
hello i help make this design as i want to make it arract to the real thing from the equestria girls movie it came out wounderfully just as i design with in my head so thank very much

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