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Haru Yoshida Cosplay

Haru is the male protagonist of the story. He is seated next to Shizuku in their first year, although initially absent from the majority of the arrangement until his meeting with Shizuku. Despite being a trouble maker, he is passionate boy willing to help others. He was able to memorize all the high school material during his absence from school, with this being reason for his performing academically well. He did not like going to school, with his classmates fearing his delinquent-like demeanor and glare. After meeting Shizuku, he takes her as his first real friend and starts to attend school, falling in love with her in the process. His statement is retracted a bit, though, as feelings were only bordering on "like," but not yet "love," as unaware as he was. It is only after a bit later in the story that he falls in love with her for certain. He also keeps a rooster, later bringing and housing it in school (with the reluctant approval from his teacher). If he presents effort, he attains a great popularity with those around him, the majority of it being with girls. He has somewhat of a perverted mind, openly saying to Shizuku that he would "do" her and confiding his "dirty thoughts" about her, but this seems to be more extended in the anime. He is in a different class from Shizuku in the second year, but this does not change their romantic intimacy. He is also feared by his teacher Saeko, and is always frustrated by her interference in his activities.

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