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Momohime Cosplay

Momohime : A young and introverted princess of Narukami Han, Mino Province. Ending up being possessed by the spirit of Jinkuro, she is forced to flee her castle and head westward to Kyo from Edo. In one ending, Jinkuro saves Momohime by giving her back her body and willingly going to hell. Momohime decides not to marry Yukinojyo and instead becomes a monk to pray for Jinkuro and offer penance for his crimes in hopes of freeing him from Hell. In the alternate ending, when her body is mortally wounded by Kisuke, Jinkuro fused his spirit with hers to save her life. As a result, she loses her memory and forgets her name. Under the name "Oboro", she embarks on a journey to regain her past.

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Momohime Cosplay Accessory

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Momohime Cosplay Accessory ( 1 )

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Momohime Cosplay Wig

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Momohime Cosplay Costume

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