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Merlin Cosplay

Merlin is the main character in the series. His destiny is to make sure Arthur becomes king and is not killed before Camelot can accept magic. Merlin comes to Camelot after he is sent by his mother to live with the court physician, Gaius. In the first series, Merlin becomes Arthur's manservant after he saves his life from an assassin. The rest of the series focuses on his relationship with Arthur, which is comically portrayed with Arthur always teasing Merlin and being rude to him. It is revealed that Arthur genuinely cares, however, when he sacrifices his well-being to rescue a poisoned Merlin. Merlin also develops friendships with Lady Morgana, the King's Ward, and Guinevere (Gwen), her maid. Gwen is at first smitten by him but quickly develops a friendship with him. Merlin also meets the legendary figure Lancelot, although he later leaves Camelot. Merlin's adventures include saving Gwen from execution for being falsely accused of being a witch, saving Arthur from becoming a human sacrifice to the Sidhe Elder and rescuing a druid boy named Mordred, who he tends to with Morgana. Towards the end of the season, Merlin plays a vital role as he attempts to stop Morgana from assassinating Uther and sacrifices his own life in place for Arthur's to the sorceress Nimueh, proving his loyalty. He also shows to care a great deal for Gaius, as he is shown racing out of Camelot after learning about his sacrifice. The season ends with Merlin killing Nimueh.

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