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Nozomi Kiriya Cosplay

A girl, brought home by Otome "nee-san" because Otome thinks that she seems lonely in the station where she saw her. Some called her stray cat, some called her Nozomi. On her second day in Takumi's house, she didn't feel really welcome, because she might think that she is in Fumino's way. Then she left the house and sat over the bridge. Takumi who found her realized that Nozomi is just the same as them him and Fumino, an orphan and that they're the only family she's got. She drops her tears as Takumi says, "aren't we... family already?"

Source from Wikipeida

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Nozomi Kiriya Cosplay Accessory

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Nozomi Kiriya Cosplay Shoes

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Nozomi Kiriya Cosplay Wig

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Nozomi Kiriya Cosplay Costume

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