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Masako Natsume Cosplay

A wealthy young woman with an obsession for Kanba. Masako is the current heir to the Natsume corporation. She possesses a laser slingshot that is capable of selectively erasing memory with red projectiles shot at the forehead, blue projectiles allow memory to be restored. Like each of the Takakura siblings, she has a penguin accomplice, though she has named hers Esmeralda. Her primary goals are to possess Kanba and gain the Penguindrum in order to ensure her brother Mario's survival. She appears to be working with Sanetoshi to keep Mario alive, paralleling the Takakura family's efforts to save Himari's life. Her catchprase is "Gosh I must crush her/him/them soon."

Source from Wikipeida

wealthy, young

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Masako Natsume Cosplay Shoes

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Masako Natsume Cosplay Costume

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