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Ruri Hoshino Cosplay

The "Electronic Fairy", she keeps the ship's computer (Omoikane) running and slowly bonds with it, asking it numerous questions about society and human interaction. Ruri is depicted as the youngest member of staff on board the Nadesico, the space battleship that the series revolves around. Despite this, she is often portrayed as being more intelligent than the rest of crew, and seen as something of a "child prodigy". Ruri is often shown disparaging the inane antics of her older co-workers, usually by use of her catchphrase "bunch of fools". According to her backstory, Ruri has a special affinity with computers due to genetic engineering, something that also affects her attitude towards others. She is occasionally referred to as "Ruriruri" by fellow bridge crewman Minato and Aestivalis pilot Hikaru.

Source from Wikipeida

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