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Phantom Cosplay

The leader of the Knights, Phantom was born thirty years before the main part of the series takes place in the magical island nation of Caldia within MÄR-Heaven. At age ten, while exploring Caldia's Floating Castle, he discovered Caldia's Orb, a magical orb in which was sealed the consciousnesses of the world's greatest evils. Seduced by the orb, he began to visit nearly every day until discovered by the guards and is discreetly sentenced to death at the hand of his parents by Caldia's laws. Unwilling to do so, however, they committed suicide (by hanging in the manga, and with a knife originally intended for their son's murder in the anime). Because of this, Phantom, having no other relatives, was imprisoned for life. Phantom's reactions to his parents' decision differ in the original version and anime adaption: in the manga, he regards it as an act of profound love towards their son, while in the anime he rejects it as a wish forced on him which ultimately ruined his life and only accepts it as a form of love when reminded by Candice's love at the end of his existence.

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