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Sytry Cosplay

As a fallen angel, he is a pure demon, and thus looks down upon demons that were formerly human. The 12th pillar of Soloman, and also a viscount and Prince of Hell who reigns over 60 armies of Hell. He is a candidate nominated to succeed the throne by Balberith. He has the face of a leopard and wings of a griffin, and can take the form of a handsome man or beautiful woman. He has the ability to stir up human desire and make women show themselves naked, if he so desired. Calls himself "Sitori Cartwright" while disguised at William's school. Because of his beauty, he is treated like a princess at Stratford School.

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Sytry Cosplay Accessory

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Sytry Cosplay Shoes

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Sytry Cosplay Wig

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Sytry Cosplay Costume

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polyester costume

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